Main Features

- user-friendly and appealing, so that managers enjoy using it.

- easy to use, so that work may start with little initial training.

- free from computerese words, so that anyone may understand it.

- error-free & self-recovering, so that managers and auditors may rely on it.

- consistent and nonsense-free, so that specialists may approve it.

- technically over-powerful, so as to be always ahead of the growth of the company using it.

PIMS is used in over 800 sites, most of them multi-company sites. PIMS offers Accounting, Stock-Control, Production-Control and Payroll standard modules.

While its users enjoy unequaled ease of use, PIMS maintains their business compliant with the most professional managerial and auditing standards.

N4S constantly assists PIMS users in all respects: training, implementation, upgrading.

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